Course Introduction

Estimated Time: 6 Minutes

Module 1: Definitions & Common Misconceptions

This module will define terms used throughout the course. It will also clarify myths and misunderstandings related to individuals who are deaf or hard-of hearing (deaf/hh).

Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

Module 2: Understanding Hearing Levels

This module will introduce concepts related to differing hearing levels and to audiology (the science of hearing).

Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

Module 3: Deaf Culture

This module will introduce the unique characteristics of Deaf culture.

Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

Module 4: Essentials of Communication

This module will introduce communication strategies that are effective when communicating with deaf and hard-of-hearing (deaf/hh) individuals.

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Module 5: Accommodation & Inclusion

This module will provide tips for employers on how to recruit well-qualified deaf and hard-of-hearing (deaf/hh) employees and how to create an inclusive environment for those employees. It will also cover workplace accommodations that may be appropriate for deaf/hh employees.

Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

Course Conclusion

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes